Where we began

“Our journey began when my autistic son was completely isolated from his peers, I could not find a suitable social outlet for him in our community.
I recruited a team of like-minded people and we built upon previous research to establish a community outlet.
Our group was created to offer children the opportunity and same chance as other children to mix with peers. We incorporated the teaching of self regulation by using various proven sensory strategies, providing accessible one to one tutoring and supported group play opportunities using a strength based approach that is individualised to each child’s needs. We include the child and family voice in our planning always.”

Zarah Doyle

Sparkability founder

Our Mission

Sparkability CLG is a social enterprise that aims to empower neurodiverse children and their families. We endeavour to inject Irish society with the inspiration to promote inclusion of all learning styles and developmental backgrounds.


“This group is completely life changing and a small piece of normality in his life where he faces such significant difficulties.

Before we found Sparkability I never dreamt that anything like this would be possible for Dillon and I am so grateful that we found this group.”

“Sparkability has allowed my son to grow, develop and learn in an environment, and with people, that understand and adapt to his needs. It allows him to be him. Having Sparkability in our lives means we as a family are connected to the autism community.”

“My son attends Sparkability every Saturday, he runs in without looking back. The staff are amazing with him and they really understand his needs. 

I know he is safe there and he comes out smiling and happy.”

Our Team

This passionate team are all qualified in the areas of education, early intervention, autistic education, special needs assisting, leadership and social care as well as having extensive life experience with autistic children and young people. We have multiple unique perspectives that enable us to provide appropriate support to the community.

Joining the Team

We believe in giving our team the best possible chance in training to work with children with additional needs. We regularly take Special Needs Assistants in training to gain valuable placement time within our programme. Some end up staying on with us as they enjoyed their time so much! There is also potential for you to become a group leader and run your own social group. All subject to garda vetting and induction procedures.

Vision Statement