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SparkAbility CLG is a social enterprise that aims to empower neurodiverse students and their families. We endeavour to inject Irish society with the inspiration to promote inclusion of all learning styles and developmental backgrounds.

SparkAbility was established during the Covid-19 Pandemic 2020 as many children with social communication impairments were left behind due to the surge in demand for online learning. 2020 has meant every person has had to adapt their way of living, learning and teaching. This may be particularly difficult for those that struggle to engage with academics and social engagement generally due to executive function, communication and sensory processing differences. 

We are excited to explore new ways of engaging with education. We are building programmes to help tailor an individuals experience of education to their needs. What motivates you and sparks your interest in learning?

Zarah Doyle, Founder of SparkAbility CLG
Zarah Doyle, Founder of SparkAbility CLG