SparkAbility’s Mission

SparkAbility CLG is a social enterprise that aims to empower neurodiverse children and their families. We endeavour to inject Irish society with the inspiration to promote inclusion of all learning styles and developmental backgrounds.

SparkAbility was established during the Covid-19 Pandemic 2020 as many children with social communication impairments were left behind due to the surge in demand for online learning. The year 2020 has meant every single person has had to adapt their way of living, learning and teaching. This can be particularly difficult for those that struggle to engage with academics and social engagement generally due to executive function, communication and sensory processing differences. 

We are excited to explore new ways of engaging with all types of education. We are building programmes to help tailor an individuals experience of education to their needs. We are asking what motivates you and sparks your interest in learning?

Zarah Doyle, Founder of SparkAbility CLG
Zarah Doyle, Founder of SparkAbility CLG

Christmas 2020 fundraiser

Many families of children with additional needs struggle with Christmas traditions. If you think about it, the situation is a bit odd. A family queuing for at least 30 minutes to walk into a small room with lots of flashing lights, for a strange looking man in a red suit and beard to hand you a present you did not ask for, and then to smile for a photo. Some siblings adore the tradition, some also find it extremely stressful and overwhelming. From this scenario, experienced by so many, we decided to take a more relaxed approach and injected fun and engagement for the whole family.

This event was a huge success, we removed all the usual pressure and social expectation of queuing to visit Santa and replaced the traditional format with a free play session. The children were free to approach Santa at their own pace and on their own terms. We had snow ball fights, story time, Christmas selfie stations with whole families getting involved. Many of the children wanted to play and were more at ease around Santa. Most importantly, Santa understood the children’s needs.

We will be hosting lots more of these innovative events tailored for families of children with additional needs. We love what we do, we hope others understand the importance of it. If you would like to get involved or help us increase, and build upon these events get in touch or you can enter our latest fundraiser raffle.

Lots of prizes to be won, for every donation made we will enter you into our raffle. Prizes include Christmas hampers, vouchers and lots more! Draw will take place December 23rd 2020!